Al Lucas

Al’s life eerily follows the details of his main character of which he publicly denies. He lives in Tampa Florida during the timeline of the book and has read more

C.A. Eroh

C.A. Eroh resides in Tennessee with Beautiful Meadow. Ms. Eroh is originally from the Coal Regions of Palo Alto, Pennsylvania. She is the Founding Mother of a read more

Mary Robertson

Mary Robertson is the author of Arrowhead in the Black Gumbo and now Tales in Trees in the three book series. As a wife, mother of three, and small business owner, read more

Cheryln Cadle

Cheryln Cadle lives in the midwest with her husband of 48 years, She has worked in Marketing most of her career however, spent the last 16 years as a fundraiser. read more

Mark A. Snyder

Mark A. Snyder was born in Upper Darby, PA and spent much of his formative years in South Florida. After earning a degree in Advertising Design, read more

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