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Abraham Lincoln was first to coin the maxim, “Action speaks louder than words.” This has become the banner of results-driven individuals who want to see what was done instead of what was said. The best way to introduce Rushmore Press is through its accomplishments. The company’s Author’s Spotlight highlights the most recent and successful books and events that it has worked on. There’s M.J. Zitnasky’s poems in Sleepless Nights that were featured in the Spirituality and Health Magazine. R. Avery Burton’s This Is Depression got him invited to talk about his book on a morning television show. Even a multi-awarded author like Dr. Dawn Mange who has thirty-four literary awards for the Queen Vernita Educational Series trusted the company to catapult her name to her own Amazon Author Profile. These are just three of a couple of authors who consented to be bannered in the official company website alongside their books and the promotional events that were made possible through the efforts of Rushmore Press.

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Dawn MengeThey are doing a fine job of doing what they said they are going to do. A knowledgable staff that works with you. I have three books published with them and there is a vast improvement over other publishers I have had.5I am pleased to say as one who was exposed to various publishing companies that claim to offer similar services to authors, Rushmore far excels in how they perform and execute their duties. I find them reasonable and professional as well as punctual on a daily basis. Honestly and loyalty are important to me and I cannot stress enough how much I am made to feel of the team. Rushmore, is open to new ideas and I appreciate that they are able to go outside the box when need be with the necessary tools to do so. The team I work with is fantastic, and I know we will establish great things together.
– Rocco Scibetta

Dawn Menge“Queen Vernita’s Visitors educational series has won forty-one International literary awards including the Special Recognition Champion Award from the Conquering Disabilities through film festival. I have been extremely happy with Rushmore Press since I transferred my series last year. I have found their production team to be encouraging, patient, and very professional. The promotional department has helped to gain world-wide exposure for the series and seeing the media reports gains validity to my decision to transfer my series. I have been so pleased that I have published three more books this year through Rushmore Press and very much enjoy receiving my Royalty checks each quarter. We were all very excited to be attending the BookCon festival last year in Times Square in New York City and hope that things are better so we can attend this summer. I have recommended Rushmore Press to several other authors and am pleased to see their books and names included on the Rushmore websites.”
– Dr. Dawn Menge

“My testimony, This is my second book. I cannot believe how much smoother this process has been with Rushmore. Everyone is so nice and helpful. No matter what my questions have been they quickly get back with me. When Publishing a book there is a level of anxiety, but Rushmore always gave me answers and reassured me, but most importantly did what they said they would do. My book is just beautiful! High quality. I’ve had many of my readers comment how they love the feel of my book. Which has been the reason many want to spend a few extra dollars and purchase the hardcover. The way Rushmore promotes me and my book has been the best. I am so pleased I went with Rushmore, for an affordable, and high quality book I can be proud of. They also do a great job on getting the word out and promoting my book.”
– Cheryln Cadle