A.C. Jones

Adam Christian “A. C.” Jones is a blind piano tuner who has supported his family for forty-eight years tuning and rebuilding pianos of all types. He has never allowed his blindness to prevent him from doing what he wants and what’s right. He doesn’t think he has a disability merely a slight complication. He enjoys playing music, playing with Garden Rail Road trains, and interacting with people of every age, race, sex, old or young. “I have used people in my books as characters and made them seem bigger than life sometimes.” He loves life and treats each day like a beautiful gift that needs to be enjoyed for all its worth. No one is too small or too big too wild or crazy, people are very much worth knowing and he treasures each and every friend as individuals. Telling stories about life and people is fun and he never worries about plots or story lines. “I like to think that when I start writing the story it takes on a life of its own. Often, I write with my big lovable cat sitting on my lap while I reach around her to type. If stories take on a cat like substance it’s because of Ms. Kitty’s paws upon the keyboard.”


Published Books