Anna Walton

Anna Walton a Michigan native, prides herself as being the second mom to a number of her teenage children’s friends and classmates. A former psychologist, Anna lives her life according to her mom instincts and believes that rules are often subject to situational circumstances. She believes that one of her greatest gifts is her ability to understand teenagers and their struggles that coincide with adolescence. A once self-proclaimed workaholic, Anna has slowed down to raise her own 3 teenagers, and one young adult, accompanied by six dogs, 4 fish, a hamster and a bunny. This is Anna’s first published novel, second only to a less enjoyable experience writing her dissertation on adolescent attachment and life satisfaction. Anna has enjoyed writing from an early age and has felt that it was her only scholarly talent that came with any ease. Anna’s writing is influenced by her family and common life struggles that people often experience on a daily basis. In addition to working on her second novel, Anna looks forward to spending time on the water tubing with her family, watching college lacrosse, high school softball and planting herself down for a day of competitive gymnastics with her children.

Published Books