Arthur Lucas Jones

My name is Bishop Arthur Jones. I was born on the Western Plains of New South Wales Australia and I reflect my bush background. The bush code was that one should not take a backward step, never say die, and never give in. This encouraged a strong sense of independence and resistance to having anyone take charge of the essential elements of one’s being and destiny. It also promoted difficulties when one met up with people of the same mind! I left school at the age of 15 because that’s as far as the education went in my hometown. I went to work straight away and had several jobs before I entered Theological College at the age of 28, What happened to me after that is recounted in my autobiography. I was ordained an Anglican priest in 1967 and a Bishop in 1994. After I retired in 2001 I began a ministry in Asia and Latin America that expanded everything that I had done before. I had previously acquired the Spanish language in Panama and now I learned Tagalog in the Philippines. My other path was an academic one which I followed with some zeal after being denied it in my youth. This culminated in a PhD in New Testament Studies in 1998 and a Masters in Counselling and Human Services in 2003, both from La Trobe University in Melbourne. My autobiography includes all of these matters and much more. I am presently writing another book entitled The Abiding Genius of Jesus the Universal Pilgrim. I am a mystic with an intellectual passion and profound sense of walking with the one I call the Stranger from Galilee. Yeshua, as he was called in Galilee, has been the centre of my life since childhood, though I am very open to the spiritual verities of other Faiths. I am not interested in starkly dark pictures of the human soul and much more interested in the radiance within that has been within us since creation. I have experienced personal sadness in my life and also rich inputs and sharing from those who have enhanced my concepts of love.


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