Barbara Wilson-Battiss

Barbara was born in northern Quebec Canada but later moved to Montreal till she retired to St. Catharines Ontario which borders Niagara Falls in Canada. She is a 39 year member of Beta Sigma Phi and enjoyed volunteering on a convention to celebrate 50 years of sorority in Montreal in 1992. She also volunteered on a hockey tournament for 20 years for young players called D.D.O. Novice Hockey Tournament.( A West Island city near Montreal)

She used many of the themes in her book with her 2 grandchildren during a week each summer for 3 years. When she described these ideas to others many wanted more details so a book was written to help any person in charge of elementary school aged children. She shares ideas to help you but your own ideas would also be welcomed.

Both children and Barb enjoyed the time together with many memories to remember.


Published Books