Bishop Royalty Jones

I am a woman who have been hurt so many times through events that occured since before I was born or events I attracted to myself by making wrong choices. I had people all the time to say I love you and I would tell them that I loved them; however the void in my heart was still great. I carried the hole in my heart for so many years. the reflection of hurt and pain that I felt constantly in my heart showed. no matter what someone did or said that made it go away until i had the understanding of god and his love for me. It was through humility and the thirst for the truth in which I found in god. instead of asking people questions I would go into prayer and ask God the same questions that everyone ask – why what when where who how and what for. Hurt people hurt people but through the power of surrender, repentance, forgiveness of self, others, humility and prayer you can find peace in the cross through the blood of jesus he will heal you. he healed me because I received him and his love in the name of jesus. amen.


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