Cynthia Queen of Scots and America

Cynthia Queen of Scots and America is the true Monarch of Scotland Ireland Wales and England. Not Elizabeth the second. Cynthia was born in Groton, CT on July 28, 1959 at the Naval Subase. She was raised the way of a Naval Officer’s daughter. Her nuclear family moved every two years all up and down the eastern seaboard for the Navy. Their overseas duty was in Holy Loch by Dunoon Scotland. Her father William Thomas Phillip Gunn was the last High King of Scotland and America. They toured Europe extensively and had great campouts there and in Scotland and did all the outdoor living they could. The book reveals all of her lifes journeys and training by her Father William to assume the throne when he would die. To say Queen of America is also true. The book was written with all 100% true details of her life and also reveals the truth and photographic evidence of the claim of being Cynthia Queen of Scots and America. You will not be disappointed.


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