Dean Bates

Dean Bates has been an adventurer his entire life including being an Air Force pilot instructor. He is a graduate of West Point and lived in Germany for three years. He has had considerable international business travel, camping and extensive sailing including five trips to the Bahamas. This sailing experience includes sailing from Florida to the Upper Michigan during two separate summers when he and his wife were mid-70 years old. International travel included all over Europe, Africa, India, Australia, Japan and elsewhere. His Christian lineage includes the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, Quakers, and pioneer families founding their own churches. He has helped people for over 25 years through his own care ministry, including house painting and home repairs for over 19 years. He is a pianist with a music ministry of his own. In his latter season of life, he feels inspired to tell his story in a way that others may relate and also he encouraged in life.


Published Books