Diana Lynn Rogers

Diana has shared some of her most intimate and painful life experiences as she has come to know God in greater ways. Within the pages of Days of Plunder she openly tells of lessons learned while overcoming in the midst of crisis. She candidly shares life tragedies turning them into triumph by the strength of God in her midst. Diana’s life experiences include working directly with those in crisis both as a caregiver, as well as FEMA Emergency Management teams with hands on training. She has a depth of understanding of pain, losses and triumph to include her most recent battle with breast cancer. Her greatest desire is to give back to those who are broken and battered by the battles in their life’s. She writes of insights in the way God has taught her to overcome repeated losses and crisis. By sharing her experiences it is her hope, you too will come to experience and learn to know God in greater ways; while finding peace and rest in the battlefields of your life.


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