Dick Z Lenn

As one who endured a lot of abuse in various ways Dick Z Lenn tries to spread the message of perseverance she wants everyone who picks up her book to know that no matter what obstacles life throws at you or what you are going through you can make it out and on top no matter how tough the situation. Dick Z Lenn a Fleming County native picked up a pen after becoming comfortable with who she was and started putting thoughts to paper after several failed attempts at her own story Dick Z Lenn creates characters and spreads her message through her characters and events in her work after coming out being gay to her father who already knew she felt the urge to reach out and spread the word that no one is alone on this twisted road called life. Dick Z Lenn is passionate about her work when she is not working she is enjoying a game of football Go Chiefs! When she isn’t watching football and working she is playing with her dog Chief or playing toss with her kids. A mother of four Dick Z Lenn works to teach her children that no matter what life throws at you are tough enough to make it through and success is right there for what ever they set their mind too.


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