Dr. Pamela Schuyler Cowens

Dr. Pamela Schuyler Cowens grew up in a middle-class family. As a child she tried to make things better for her parents who didn’t get along, she did not succeed. She didn’t know she couldn’t fix them. Special teachers inspired her in third grade and middle school. She wanted to teach. The trick was to be knowledgeable enough to share the wisdom. Pamela went to college receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees in Art History, Photography and finally Ayurveda – an Indian practice of medicine that helps to balance imbalances. Before her teaching career she was a photo journalist, sports photographer and artist. Her first sports book was published in 1974 and Pamela had a number of art shows throughout the world. At 27 Pamela got married and here the story begins with A Dialogue with Depression. This book shares the dialogue between husband and wife and efforts to understand and deal with the disease of clinical depression. On a long road of self-searching, begins a dialogue with her readers.

Published Books