Dr. Tacoma R. Anderson

In this book, readers will discover the secret of God’s way of reaching into the ruins of a person’s life and resurrecting them into “becoming” not just the woman, but the person, and the human being they were created to be, “become” and end up being. They will learn about the power of choice and how it can bless them and their lives or how it can help or severely hinder, hurt and handicap them and their lives. They will learn about generational curses and about desires, and how and why certain things can and will influence them, and about wanting to change and not really knowing how. They will learn how to come to the place of point of completely yielding, submitting and surrendering to their true identification of who they are in God, a person of faith, a child of God and a prayer warrior.

Here, readers will find out how will they be able to empower themselves to walk deeper within their destiny. They will also learn how to take hold of their identity that was declared in the word of God, and how to obtain a deeper and clearer understanding of their purpose for God’s kingdom and to his glory and so much more.

“Becoming the Woman God Intended Me to Be” was written for those who are seeking God because of their desire to transform their life, feeling the need for transition and a yearning for transformation that will bring them to the place they know that they should be in life. In her book, Anderson is transparent in revealing her journey, hoping that it will encourage readers as they continue with their process of becoming who God intends them to be.


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