Ellen Patricia

This book which I am introducing to you, is the mirror on the early life of the author, and chronicles the path that was taken by one sister who is the product of a Diaspora.

Ellen Patricia her early beginnings started in a number of local schools. Her life skills were honed both in and out of the classroom. This enabled her to have great strength, determination, and courage to be victorious in the many trials she has encountered.

As a child, she experience a very austere lifestyle, and as such, she lacked many social amenities.

She was exposed to abject poverty, and was given laborious chores which should have been done by those many years her senior

Her parents would often dispense punitive control as a way of maintaining discipline. And as such, Ellen Patricia came to accept the abuse overtime as a integral part of her childhood and adolescent life.

She was also the product of the most terrible molestation, and abused, which was perpetrated by a family member and friends.

This reinforce in her childlike mind at the time, just like her unkempt appearance, she was less than acceptable even in her own social circle.

From a very early age she has been involved in different aspects of church life. This has culminated in her displaying a very strong spiritual pose today.

Because of her great love and trust in God, she has grown to become a spiritual warrior, which places her on a high dimensional level, with the ability to reach down to help others with love and compassion. Her dynamic experiences have shone light into many dark corners and has steered her life along the path, which mark the beginning of her discovery, and today it has culminated in the book. “JOURNEY ON A BUMPY ROAD.”



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