Frederick Bruce

After graduating from Northwestern University’s School of Business, Frederick Bruce became a business counselor to small businesses. Clients ranged in size from one to ten people. Bruce later pursued a law career.

Although he is currently a practicing attorney, Bruce has studied history and followed current events. In this, his fourth novel, he portrays the post military life of a combat veteran and the mindset that exists when assimilating back into a civilian culture. Although not a complete analysis of the paths of all veterans, it expresses the experiences of one veteran to which many can identify.

The second and third books written by Frederick Bruce were murder mysteries—Murder at the Cathedral and Sex, Murder, Betrayal. His first book, The Blue Car, A Trilogy, tells the stories of three individuals seeking perfect lifetime careers. The stories were characterized by BlueInk Review as being told with a “pay it forward” symbolism.

Over the years, Bruce has worked with, and found the lives of people and their related stories very interesting. Although fictional, his experience has enabled him to share many stories about people based on real events.


Published Books