Gary Debellonia

Gary DeBellonia is a 25-year survivor of two major cancers (colon and liver) that surfaced back to back, eight months apart. After each surgery, he spent countless hours researching chemotherapy and radiation treatments, allowing him to make an informed decision about the course of after-surgery treatment that would be the best option for him. His Oncologist insisted his follow up treatment should include chemotherapy, or his chance of survival could be as low as 10%, but he soundly rejected this medical recommendation based on his in-depth research.Gary grew up in New Jersey and has been a nonstop achiever all his life, from being active in numerous sports, becoming an accomplished professional drummer with various well-known groups in the 60’s through the 90’s, and earning a first-degree black belt at age 56, just to name a few. After leaving the music scene to enter into the business world, he put himself through night college, all while holding high level financial management positions with various well-known US corporations along the way, such as Pitney Bowes Corp, Wilson Sporting Goods Corp, Levolor Blinds Corp, Hunter Douglas Corp, and several others in his early white-collar career. This successful entrepreneur ultimately started his own prosperous business, which continued to thrive for many years. Since stepping down from the business world, Gary has been passionate about sharing his experience with cancer and his methods in overcoming other life-threatening adversities to all who are interested.He continues researching important information to share with cancer patients and others. He has created his website: to make this very important information available to anyone who is going through, or knows someone who is going through, cancer or any of life’s difficult adverse challenges.


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