J. W. Lockwood

The Guardians is a shadowy group of high-level operatives, from former military operators to marketing specialists to an expert medical team. Under the leadership of a man known only as Abraham, whereabouts unknown, the team operates in secret, often undertaking assignments that seem impossible to complete.

With the United States of America, under the total control of the reigning Liberal Party, being taken in an ultra-progressive direction and the Constitution being undermined with little resistance from the opposing Conservative Party, this political landscape opens the door for the formation of a third party, the Freedom Party.

Third-party candidates historically have not done well in local or national elections, but the mood of the country gives rise to a superstar Presidential candidate and his unlikely, lovely female running mate. Popular with people and in the polls, the new party represents an existential threat to both traditional parties.

The stakes are high for all parties, and The Guardians seem to operate with impunity, stopping at nothing, including murder and kidnapping, to achieve their goal of getting the attention of the Liberal Party and affecting significant change in the country’s direction.

The fast-moving pace of political life in Washington, DC leads to global intrigue, assassination attempts, and strange deaths or disappearances of high-ranking Liberal Party family members.

Will the efforts of The Guardians result in changing deeply rooted policies and the people who benefit from those policies? Is it too late to change course, or will the Republic become socialist?

Moreover, will the establishment win and exterminate the threat of the ultra-patriotic Guardians who are well-trained, well-funded, and ruthlessly efficient? Only time — and The Guardians — will tell.


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