James A. Hudson

James Augustus Hudson was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He came to the United State 1980 and became a naturalized American citizen. His early childhood education was in Jamaica, Roxbury College in Massachusetts, and Cal State Fullerton in California. James is an electronics technician by profession. He is a gifted visionary who sees and understands things that many others cannot. His vision allows him to solve many problems and offer solutions to problems in the lives of people and things. This country, the United States, is in trouble. Many of the causes and effects that’s contributing to the decline facing this nation and its people are internally generated. Some of them has been brought to your attention in the chapters of the book. James is the published author of four books: How to Have a Better Relationship with Your Mate/Spouse; Thou Shall Not Kill: What Providence Has in Store for Those Who Do; The Rising of Black America with the Assistance of White America; A Message to Black America: Motivating Young Inner-City Black Men to Excellence; and Dilemmas Facing the Unstated States and Its People: Can We Maintain Our Superpower Status?

Published Books