Jonathan Hambridge

When I was in college, I tried to complete all my assignments before the deadlines. This meant that towards the end of the year I had very little to do once the teaching sessions had finished. A friend, noticing I was extremely bored, suggested I did some creative writing. At first, I wasn’t convinced but then I warmed to the idea: after all, I enjoyed it at school and usually attained high marks. I couldn’t just sit down and write – that wasn’t me – so I started creating a world of my own.I have always been fascinated by other cultures, learning how they overcome challenges that they have had to deal with both in modern times and through history. Human ingenuity is amazing and is one of the major differences between us and the Animal Kingdom so by creating a whole new world with different creatures, plants, weather patterns and challenges I could let my imagination run wild as to how humans could survive and thrive in such a place.I won’t list how my thoughts worked as that would be dull and lose so much of what makes a good story. But through the help of my uncle and wife, both of whom I am very grateful to for their help, along with the friend who started this all off I wish to present for your enjoyment Hymn-ă-dry-ăs, its people, cultures and struggles. Please, enjoy my book, if you don’t then thank you for taking the time to try. If you do, tell others about it and maybe more books will follow on. There is a whole world to explore.


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