Julio Ortiz

Hello, my name is Julio Ortiz no middle name or any extra names my parents are from central Mexico they immigrated to the U.S in the late 60’s they stayed in contact with their family in Mexico. I have been to their hometown many times throughout my life I grew up with a very rich understanding of where they came from and how little they would have had if they would have stayed, it always humbles me to be there and I am thankful to have been given the chance’s in life which I have been given or created for myself. I was born in Aurora Illinois in 1982, I am currently 38 years young, it’s not exactly Chicago but Aurora in the 90’s saw its own fair share distraught times and disparity unknown to me back then but that town was giving each and every person a trial every single day. At 16 I dropped out of High School, received my GED from a local community college I was driven to work, create money and learn a trade automobiles fascinated me there was a Body Shop a block away from where we lived that had a Lifted Chevelle which looked like it could go Mountain climbing.


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