Ken Smith

Perhaps the greatest story ever written is the story of man and his best friend the dog. Its pages abound with tales of adventure, courage, and loyalty – pages that continue to be written every day by both man and dog. Cookie Crumbs is the story of the author’s dog, Cookie, a female black Labrador retriever. Her life was spent adventuring into the great outdoors and the great indoors. In her thirteenth year, Cookie set off on her adventure into the great unknown. Native legend tells us that the Milky Way is where the spirits and souls of animals go after they pass away from their life here on earth. From the Milky Way, Cookie is calling. She is calling to all of us to help end animal neglect and abuse. Answer her call. Report animal neglect and abuse to your local animal control or law enforcement agency; adopt a shelter dog; volunteer your time and effort at your local animal shelter; contribute a tax deductible monetary donation to your local Humane Society or the ASPCA. Answer Cookie’s call. Help save the lives of Man’s Best Friend.


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