Maureen Sky

Now retired, Author, Maureen Sky, spends much of her time writing, reading, painting/crafting, gardening and enjoying nature. With her creative spirit and also having worked for many years, clerical within a high-school setting alongside many administrators and professionals, she was able to learn how to write well, gaining knowledge of good grammar as well. Typing and learning how to type well over the years, along with a bit of humor being her driving force, Maureen was able to write and create Hashtag Leaves Qwertyville for all to enjoy. Mother of two (now adult) children, two grandchildren, step-mother, sister, aunt, friend/neighbor, and last but not least, wife to her loving husband, Eddie. Author of three other children’s books on the market (1. The Bling Fairies of Junkett Falls, 2. Discovering Locke, Trinket, and a Roundhouse of Bees, and 3. Kennedy and Her Bink.) Maureen resides in Bernardston, MA (email:


Published Books