Michael Oele

Michael Oele. Born in February 22 1963 Powell River, British Columbia, Canada. Parents: Immigrants from Holland. Sibblings: 5 older, 2 younger. Education: Grade 12 graduate, and Life. Gifted in sport and happy in movement. Interests: Soccer, weight training. Kayaking, Biking, Gardeing/landscape design, Travel, Photography, and Interior design. Career and business choices: Logging, Construction, Employee at a paper mill, Landscaper. Children: A son, born October 4 1991 Defining events: Many, and yet I’ll share this one that occurred in 1986. I became a survivor of a brain injury that resulted in the loss of vision in my right eye. Subsequently levels of depression and confusion caused me to seek greater meaning and purpose. Presently: Open to an unfolding of greater belief in myself, and life in general. Thank you so very much for your interest of me, and what I have to share with you.


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