Pamela May Jones

I was born in a red Accrington brick house, in a little village called Prestolee. Which is in Lancashire. I went to school which was just around the corner from my house. It was a church school so we went to church each Friday to thank God, for giving us food to eat, things to wear, etc., It was fun to go to school as Mr O’Neill and his wife who ran the school were brilliant teachers. It was called the Do as you like school, because once you had done your work you could do as you like, as long as you remained in the school. I got my love for reading from our English teacher. Every Christmas she would read us Lewis Carrol Story Christmas Carol. She would use different voices for each character. I started writing again because my grandchildren wanted stories no one had heard before. So we invented a little village called Celrin, which we got part from Celine’s name part from Catrins. I have now written about 200. Super heroes, time traveller’s, Giants, Magic Mirrors, Leprechauns, fairies, Rollie Pollie the penguin and friends, Pirates, Spanish Galleons, to name a few. Oh’ one called The potato man. You would love that one. I now live in a beautiful place called Angelsey.


Published Books