R.M. Dipanda

R. M. Dipanda is a writer who aspires to success with his book Black Race, Who Are You? He lives in Montreal. Before he started to write about Astrology, Spirituality and History for the cause of blacks, he experimented with various professions in the business world successfully. He carefully created Twelve Zodiac signs he named Birth Talisman, consisting of straight lines with dots, planetary symbols, Hebrew letters and a few other symbols, including the four ELEMENT FORCES, AKASHA being the fifth basic ELEMENT FORCE of all ELEMENTAL FORCES, and painted all according to astral colors representing different forces, known as ASTRAL LIGHT. They’re made with the basic knowledge application of million different facets of human existence, to bring about human needs and desires. He then continued to write about Spirituality and the History for the cause of blacks, and also published poems in various poetry books like Forever Spoken of Howard Ely, Editor.


Published Books