Roger Hukle

Author (Roger Hukle): Roger holds degrees from two universities and has taught both English and Russian language to Air Force personnel as an extension of Alaska Methodist University. He is a past recipient of the Colorado Outstanding Individual Award from the Colorado Education Association (for work with Academy School District 20 students in Colorado Springs, Colorado) and he also has two film production credits…one as the Executive Producer of the Telly Award winning documentary, The Hughes Brothers, On Our Own, Together, and credits on the Disneyland 50th Anniversary film, Disneyland – Secrets, Stories, and Magic (as a researcher).

Co-Author/Editor (Elizabeth Hille): The co-author/editor of the Critter Adventure Tails series is a student at St. Olaf College, where she is pursuing degrees that would lead to work as a professional interpreter. She has traveled overseas extensively, to include mission work in the Fiji Islands for Homes Of Hope, and she has also been involved as a volunteer for Care and Share and Compassion International, among others. Prior to St. Olaf College, Elizabeth was an award-winning graduate of The Classical Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado…where she also served as President of the French Honor Society.


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