Scott Plummer

S. R. Plummer or Scott Ralph Plummer is the middle child of 3 children. Ralph and Agnes Plummer raised older sister Debby who lives in New York City with her family and brother, Mark, lives in Baton Rouge. Scott lived all his life in torn and had 2 dreams. First, to play pro sports. He tried hockey, football, box lacrosse and baseball. During high school, Scott suffered many injuries mostly in football. 8 operations on joints for torn ligaments or cartilage, 13 broken ones, and 27 concussions. The last, leading to a brain aneurism and suffered spending 6 months in hospitals. Scott recovered enough to get back to work as a sales representative for a large Canadian plumbing wholesaler. Scott realizing his dream of being a professional athlete was gone, turned to this other dream to become an author like his literary heroes: Charles Dickens, John D. MacDonald, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tom Clancy and Stephen King. So he bought his first personal computer and started writing.


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