Tag: The Author

Tag: The Author

J. W. Lockwood

The Guardians is a shadowy group of high-level operatives, from former military operators to marketing specialists to an expert medical team. Under the leadership of a man known only as Abraham, whereabouts unknown, the team operates in secret, often undertaking assignments that seem impossible to complete.

Tien C. Lee

This book shows features of rocks and tells their life stories. It is a sequel to a 2018-publication of similar nature. The current version with a different subtitle compiles over 250 new pictures of specimens and outcrops, spread into six chapters

Bérj Assadour Terjimanian

Bérj Assadour Terjimanian was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1950. Writing became a natural tool for him, which he used to explore the world around him.In the backwoods of his imagination, he honed his craft through rough and tumble, until he was contented at reaching the sparks, as well as the quiet sounds.