Churchill Forrester

Churchill Forrester is the pen name of a writer living in Southern California. The basis for this pen name is his maternal grandfather's first name combined with the last name of some of his favorite authors, both real and fictional.

Adam H.C. Myrie

Adam H.C. Myrie has been a writer and performer from the age of six. An award winning poet, he is also a songwriter, and traditional storyteller of West African Folklore.

Rita H. Joyce

When a hidden jump rope causes Johnny Ashton to stumble into nasty blackberry bushes, he takes vengeance on the family of neighbor twins Callie and Laurie.

Mary Ramsey

Mary Ramsey is a blogger, artist, and writer. She served in the United States Air Force and has a BA degree in Cinema.

Sandra A. Micelotti

Ordained in 2002, Sandra has faithfully served the Gospel of Jesus Christ both nationally and internationally.

Irina Reiches

Chaos reigned the streets of Lithuania as Sonia emerged into the world into the loving arms of her parents, just after the Soviets rolled their tanks into the streets of Vilnius, to take charge.

Victor Manuel

Victor Manuel is a native New Yorker. His non-fiction work won an Honorable Mention in the PEN America Writing contest and has been featured in Black & Pink magazine as well as New York Writers Coalition events.

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