Clive Atwater

Six-year-old Cameron never believed in the Boogieman. That character was merely

fiction, embellished by adults to keep kids in line. Yes, the Boogieman was only a myth-until Cameron's family moves into the stately old house with the creepy third floor.

Alison Astara

Alison's path was one of pain, illness, trauma, unworthiness, fear, death and failure. Her journey to find authenticity led her on a path toward discovery of something much larger than herself, into the secrets and mysteries of the Universe beyond what we typically know and understand.

Norma J. Ervin

Norma J. Ervin shares a unique understanding of life that is not just words of theory recorded from intellectual learning.

Dean Bates

Dean Bates has been an adventurer his entire life including being an Air Force pilot instructor. He is a graduate of West Point and lived in Germany for three years. He has had considerable international business travel, camping and extensive sailing including five trips to the Bahamas.

Yusuf Gamawa

The local and international media; CNN, BBC, CGTN, Al-Jazeera etc. have been inundated with reports of violent clashes, kidnappings and terrorist attacks across the Sahel region and Mali in particular for almost a decade.

Aya Emanuel

The author of this book shares her experiences of witnessing God's love and healing. She shares many testimonies of how she survived, gained strength and courage to continue to moving forward after many disappointments.

Elyce Monet

Physicists have discovered that your genetic codes (DNA) respond to both your inner and outer environments. By properly using Genetic Oil Elixirs(TM) and finding the source of old belief systems, habits and patterns, your awareness can catalyze the DNA codes within you.

Shafari Tamu

Shafari Tamu is a single father and a native of the Dirty South. He came up in a single-parent home and was a vivid reader growing up as an only child.

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