W. W. Worley

W. W. Worley was born and raised in west Texas where Texas heroes and Confederate generals are revered even to the naming of streets and schools. From an early age he wondered about these names, like Beauregard and Twohig, Crockett and Lee, Travis and Lone Wolf. Two hundred years ago it was a wild and wooly land. Worley’s imagination dwelled there in his formative years. Perhaps this yearning toward the wild and uncivilized contributed to his own untamed nature, but whatever the cause, his life in prison has largely been spent in the study of those yesteryears, those seemingly simpler times that truly were not so simple at all. He blends history with imaginings to recreate a world long past, a world of our beginnings. Worley is a prodigal son, a struggling Christian who reads his Bible daily and like the good thief, Damas, he asks for grace and mercy, not justice. Using the means available to him, often meager in prison, he has earned four college degrees and is working toward his masters. He enjoys painting in oils and drawing. He is an avid reader and still, in his aged years, a curious student of life. He hopes to climb the mesquite covered hills and walk over the wind-blown west Texas plains again someday. In his mind and writing, he walks there every day.


Published Books